Selling Tips

A well presented home says “Welcome”. Your home will be one of many on the market at any one time – so what can you do to set it apart? In our experience, a significant factor for many prospective purchasers is presentation. Your home doesn’t need to be displayed like a showpiece, but it should appear a comfortable home in which to live. Vendors who make an extra effort in this area usually achieve a more successful sale.

From the moment prospective purchasers arrive, they will be judging and assessing your home. That’s natural. So take a step back for a moment and view your home as a buyer would. Stand on the footpath and check the overall view of the yard, fences, driveway, windows, doors, roof and walls.

Our suggestions for the presentation of your home include:


  • Remove junk mail from the letterbox.
  • Close garage doors.
  • Trim scrubs and mow lawns.
  • Garden plants should be healthy and watered (tidy flower pots).
  • Clean out sheds (garden tools and toys should be neatly stored).
  • Clean gutters, windows, fly screens, doors and awnings.
  • Consider re-mulching the garden. It’s a cost effective ways of giving your garden an instant lift.
  • Sweep the driveway, paths and patio.
  • Remove clothes from the line.
  • Pools should be sparking clean.
  • Keep pets out of the way and preferably out of the home.
  • Perform minor repairs. Check for sticking doors and windows, loose door knobs, faulty plumbing and peeling paint. Make sure gates open easily.
  • Arrange outdoor furniture to give a look of leisure.
  • Make sure doorbell works and doormat is clean.


  • Oil squeaking doors.
  • Repair dripping taps and fix loose or broken tiles.
  • Let the light in. Raise blinds and open curtains. Turn on strategic lights to brighten up any dim areas.
  • A comfortably heated home on a cold day adds a feeling of cosiness. On warmer days ensure your home is well ventilated.
  • Remove pet bowls and/or litter trays.
  • Clear the sink. Don’t leave dishes in the sink or on the draining board.
  • Put valuables, personal and sentimental items away.
  • A vase of fresh flowers is a nice touch.
  • Soft music playing in the background can be soothing. Turn off the television.