Michael Olsen

17 Feb 2009'
This letter has been written to give my glowing appraisal to Vin Quirk and the whole team at Quirk Real Estate in Warragul. As a landlord of up to 13 properties over the last 25 years I have been a loyal supporter of Vin and the team for the last 13 years. I remember Vin from the first day when he came to me and said, "I have purchased the previous real estate office and would like to keep your business". From day one the professionalism was evident and has continued throughout his organization from just two members now to eight. To buy and sell a house is one transaction but to rent a property is a seven day a week job which they have performed for me in a magnificent way for over 4745 days. All of Vin's employed Property Managers have been great, right up to one of his best in Rita. They fully understand my expectations and achieve them with a minimum of fuss. Most importantly they treat my money and properties as if they were their own. It has been a pleasure to write this letter and please feel free to call or phone me on this matter.