Paul & Karin Ryan

05 Jul 2011'
We have had very few dealings with the world of real estate, but we did expect to be greeted with something of a “come in sucker” attitude and what we encountered could not have been in stronger contrast. Vin is an open, witty, astute and helpful member of his profession and it is difficult for me to imagine any way that he could have been more accommodating and direct with his advice and his general dealings – in both roles, representing the vendor in the purchase we made through him and in representing us in the (proposed) sale of our own property. He is a treat to discuss business with, a pleasure to converse with on everyday matters, offers sage counsel and is always ready with a whimsical comment and wry rejoinder. His directness and overt honesty make him an easy and engaging character to deal with and most importantly, a man in whom you can put your faith. But, in particular, it is his self-effacing, yet charming diffidence, that makes him immediately appealing to his clients and instantly wins their trust. In our case, on several occasions he made representations both on behalf of the other party and on our behalf as well, but at no stage did he compromise his integrity, yet remained totally candid with both factions. In addition, he went to considerable lengths to secure arrangements to our advantage (of a temporary nature) but sought no financial recompense for them personally. This, we found, was both generous and impressive, and we were grateful for his efforts. He seems to understand that little acts of human decency are rewards in themselves, and, in the long run benefit the world – and he might also be in that lottery. But that is not the motive for his actions, it might simply eventually be the inadvertent reward. And so, I could not recommend Vin more highly and would actively seek him out in any future dealings I might have, and would not hesitate to urge anyone I know to do the same. I would, however, have to warn any potential client that, if they were expecting to meet a slick, palaver-spouting sycophant, they will probably be disappointed.